artisan clothing

About Me

Bangalore, India
meta-phor, the studio, the label was born out of sheer thought of understanding and questioning the meaning of ‘Design’, ‘Designing’ and the context, through clothing and accessories. In the due course of its journey, the leaning has been more towards artisan approach as opposed to designer. The belief that this artisan approach towards design is more of a social responsibility in creating a better environment and maintaining diversity than just catering to consumerist world. Apart from very many issues involving creation of clothing/accessories, the emphasis is more on total use of material and almost zero wastage. The process of creation is more evolutionary and less pre-meditated. At meta-phor, the authenticity of clothes are through its textiles, (loom, non-loom, post-loom and so on). Textile‘s are created based on their strength and weakness with negligible respect towards decorating fabric, for the sake of decoration.The whole process is very calculated and restrained in its approach. (Imposing any kind of technique on to the fabric with no rhyme or reason is not in the core idea of meta-phor’s work).